How to implement replicated inverse kinematics animations?

I want to make replicated animations with the character rig using inverse kinematics. Making the inverse kinematics animations is not the problem.

The issue that I am facing is that I do not know how to implement inverse kinematics animations in such a way that it also gets replicated across the client/server boundary.

So far, I have tested out a package (CCDIKController) that allows me to make the animations. I wrote some code in a LocalScript to test it out.

Well I am pretty sure that animating using the Motor6Ds won’t work as Motor6Ds aren’t replicated except if the Animator has been loaded on the Players Character.

However you can modify the Position of BaseParts by making sure the part in question is not anchored and not connected to anything (ServerSide, including Motor6Ds that will mean that it won’t work with regular rigged characters) and then ClientSide you can anchor it an then apply the positional and rotational changes that way,

You can do that or alternatively hook up a RemoteEvent and then simply send the new position data every frame.(I don’t think thats a good idea.)

I suppose that I can update the Motor6Ds from the server, but then the user would definitely feel the input delay.

I am not sure if this is best practice though. For now, I will focus on the Motor6Ds and hope that that it is possible somehow.