How to improve my game's player retain?

The game I’m working on is a tycoon, in the style of Retail Tycoon or Restaurant Tycoon, more like a combination of both. The objetive is to build and manage a fast food restaurant, but I feel that some players get stuck in the game, not knowing what else to do (they must decide what to do, the game doesn’t tell them what to do), how do I fix that? It is vital for player retain, you can spend hours playing the game because there are many things to expand the Restaurant. What other ways are there to increase player retain?

You can test the game here:

I’d start off by fixing some really annoying bugs, if you can call them that. I am able to take a customers order multiple times such as when they’ve sat down, and why can’t I take other customer’s orders if the current one’s food hasn’t been made yet?

Thank you, in fact I had fixed the bug but as it happens so infrequently it is difficult to know if it had been fixed or not.

There are tons of threads about player retention in the forum, you might find answers by reading them. Plus retention is a huge topic with multiple factors, there isn’t a single thing affecting it; you are dealing with “interconnected” systems. Retention is similar to a checklist, if you check many items in that list, you’ll probably have good retention as a result. Games share these “factors” with each other, I doubt a game is as unique that has its own factors. Factors might be:

  • Number of game breaking bugs
  • Game Replayability(no. loot boxes, skins, collectibles doesn’t count)
  • Unique and interesting game play/mechanics

I answered a couple of threads on game retention too, so you’ll possibly see some advice from me. It’s a good idea to research the topic yerself first, answer quality is questionable here. Also you’ll get more results from using: game/player retention as a keyword, I don’t know any designers that shorten it.

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Alright so what I would definitely recommend fixing with your game is the players not going through the door, they are constantly going through the walls and in my opinion that would become annoying. I would add some cars to drive around… maybe an obstacle course that could help give people more money… maybe ever make it so there could be a second restaurant to manage. Kind of like the Krusty Krab #2 but without the whole Mr. Krabs getting frozen in ice and going to Shell City and such. I would add some obstacles no matter what and maybe add more things for the main player to do such as roleplay and such.

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Do you mind sharing those threads with us?

Press Search:

Filter in game design support
Use “retention” or “visit length” as the keyword.

Generally if a user asks for feedback, they typically receive feedback on how to improve the game, thus increasing retention

Players not joining / average play time low? - #7 by Formidable_Beast if you want to see how I deconstruct a game and critic it, focusing only on game retention of course.