How to improve my UI

My UI right now looks kinda bad its just a square and I really want to make it like a simulator type style UI! How do I achieve this goal and I can also invite you guys if you can teach me how to make better UIs then coloured Squares! Please feel free to give me feedback and I can also invite you to studio and yea!


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Add shadow change text font and colour check to see if it fits on all devices and if not
I would highly recommend trying your best to make it fit on all devices so then its compatible for devices such as mobile and change the UI colour as well to a more of a lowpoly look because right now in my opinion it looks a little pale.

And on some UIS you made there the rounded GUI shapes are different from the rest so I would highly recommend changing that so there are all the same.

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When I’m making UI’s I personally like to make them in a photo editing software first and then remake them in studio.

A few tips I would give for you is; Add shadows, make sure they will fit on all devices, and stick with either round or square, not both.

It’s a bit bright, I would darken the coloured and make the more match able. I’ve make several games with things like shop GUIs and they usually look like this (Disclaimer these GUIs were not made by me)

Making 3D GUIs are also easy and fun

Try to stop using textscale and try to use custom text size.Use white color for the text and set a border.

I don’t suggest putting black text onto colored buttons. Try to look at other similar UI and even external game UI and see how they do it. I suggest learning the principles and elements of design they’ll help you improve tremendously.

Change font, color it and design it.


First thing, the buttons should have familiar shapes, try and keep the UIcorner similar for each button.
Text and button colors; the text looks as if it very tightly put into the button a way to change this is to make the button bigger or the text smaller. The button colors are ok but don’t really stand out to me.

I have always tried adding shadows, no I am not the owner of this post, but how would you make a shadow?

Always try to change the text color,font and size.Add more detail like add outline at the text