How to improve this DIFFERENT obby game?

I have tried SO many different things to make this obby I created work, but there are a few problems and the main problem is that I don’t know what these problems are!

I made this topic because the feedback given on other obby games has been insightful but not specific enough for my game.


I advertised the game and now the game has 5.8k visits.
The average visit length is 8 minutes.
I feel like that is great for an obby game. there are a few things that make my game different from other obbies: a story, collectable currency, badge collection, secret badges, star challenges… etc.

Realistic Goal?

I want a constant player base, but is that realistic for an obby? I think yes.

I feel like sure, my game is an obby there is not much replayability (apart from Rebirth), but there are successful obbies out there with thousands of players at the same time with the same length of an obby as mine. I made the game compatible for all devices.

My own research

Too much to list, but I have visited other obbies and I feel like my obby does not have any missing features that other obbies have.

  • So this post is made to figure out what to improve.
  • Is it the game itself? Or am I doing something wrong with advertising? Twitter, discord and roblox group.
  • I’m really confused. I hope you can help.

Thank you soooooo much. I really need this.


Using the creator documentation will help you a lot with how to create leaderstats.

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I do use leaderstats for Flowers and Stage. what do you mean with the stats problem?

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