How to keep yourself safe on Roblox!


As a person who’s been the victim of scamming on multiple occasions. I figured it would be a good idea to share some of the experiences i’ve been through that could potentially help YOU prevent yourself from getting scammed.

  • Now there’s a LOT of methods to look out for, but before I go into detail I just want to point out the obvious:
  1. No website will ever be able to give you “free robux” - any claim that they can is a scam + even just visiting the link/website will put your account at serious risk.

  2. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true. If you get a high value trade (that looks/is an extortionate amount more than the item you’re giving, the chances are it is stolen and puts you at risk of termination if Roblox think that you are involved in it.

  3. Follow the Roblox Terms of Service - a lot of people don’t realise that some things they do put them at risk of a ban, even something like group selling is against ToS/ToU and puts you at risk of moderation. Refer to the Terms of Use in the links I provide at the end of this post.

  4. Always enable 2FA and Account Pin if you can. While this does not make your account completely protected, it’s definitely improved security and helps a lot.

  5. Do not add anyone who messages you talking about an “increase in RAP” - Adding this person on whatever may potentially set them up to give you a dodgy link and steal your account.

If you are randomly sent a link that you’re not sure is legitimate, I would recommend using VirusTotal to check if the link is clean, otherwise visiting the site may give someone access to your IP address or log your cookies.

Now for some in depth explanation - here are a few scams I have fallen for and at the time would’ve had no idea about.

  • Trust

This is very unlikely to happen in the way it did with me - but letting people gain your trust too quickly is not a good idea reputable or not. You always need to be aware of what you trust people with because sometimes they only use you to get something.

  • Identity

I’d strongly recommend you have no link to any personal information and your Roblox account. Even something as a small as a social media handle containing anything about your personal life can open up ways for people to look into you more.

  • Checking

This is mainly in regards to trading, but whenever I made a trade I would always look up the history of owners of the items being traded. This is called UAID Checking - I would recommend using a site like Rolimons to do this as it is well trusted within the trading community.

To find the UAID of a specific item. Type the name in of the person you’re trading with in player search on Rolimons and click the “UAID Page” button. This will bring up a list of previous owners and when they obtained the item.

Useful links to help you stay secure:

  1. Rolimons - Limited Value Checking + Previous Owner Checking

  2. Strong Password Generator - Generates strong passwords (Recommend not going above 75 characters as Roblox seems to bug out with anything more)

  3. VirusTotal - Link Checking (Avoid anything with warnings)

  4. Roblox Terms of Use - Roblox Rules, some violations include robux/limited giveaways, account sharing and group selling/buying.

  5. Roblox Community Rules - Another part of the Roblox Terms of Use.

  6. Official Group of Roblox Admins - If someone claims to be a Roblox Employee and they are not in this group, check their profile badges for this:
    If they have neither - consider reporting them using “report abuse” as they are impersonating admins which is against the Roblox ToU.

Roblox Employees will NEVER ask for your password. Never give it out to anyone even if they claim to be an employee.

  1. Roblox Interns - Group containing all current and previous interns.

  2. Account Security: Roblox’s Guidance

To cap this off lastly - always be alert. People could be scamming you whether they show signs or not. Even down to their usernames.

For example if you were approached by “Roblox” - Make sure it’s actually Roblox and not Robiox. Paying attention to little details such as these will help massively!

  • Finally - if your account has been compromised or you have another concern - use to create a ticket that is sent to Roblox. They can assist you from there.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to DM me or reply to this with anything and i’ll consider adding it. :smiley:


Wow, thanks for creating this topic because this may help a lot of users in this platform.


I did this because I don’t want people to make the same mistakes that I did. There’s a lot more stuff that could go onto it + I will add it over time. But this was the important stuff I prioritised.

Also I apologise for the way I’ve laid it out. I’m not used to formatting big posts. :sweat_smile:

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Just updated the formatting of the post - hopefully it’s a lot easier on the eyes now! :smiley:

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