How To Know How Many Objects Are In A Table

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I’m trying to make a Plugin to weld things (I know there’s a bunch of them, but I need it) and I need to make sure the Player chooses only one part as the main part

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As selection returns a table, i need to know how many objects are in a table, if it’s one then it’ll be the main part, if there’s more than one it’ll throw a warning

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Checked DevForum, couldn’t find anything

My code isn’t important, but if you need it just ask

I only need to know how to know how many objects are in stable, thanks in advance!

(I know taht I used teh classic help format, too lazy to edit it right now)

Do you mean using #table ??

Or loop and get each object

You can do this #table it shows how many there is, or do this

for i, v in table do

#table is all you need, as @NDavis06 said.
To avoid the warning, just do

if #table == 1 then return end

I need to know the number, and I totally forgot about the # operator, I’ll try that ASAP

No really I need it to make sure the person only chooses one object, thanks for your help!

Sorry I misread, just change it from == to ~=.

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