How to launch plugin on start

Hey guys, I have been working on a new plugin, it has an ingame GUI like the example below,
I just wanted to know how I can make this GUI pop-up if the plugin is enabled every time studio launched so players do not have to open it every single time as long as it is enabled. I tried looking on google for resources but there are not many supports on plugins.

I don’t think this is possible.

A plugin reloads every time a place opens. So if you just parent the UI to CoreGui or wherever in your plugin it will parent upon studio opening a place. Keep in mind this applies for when the Play/Run button is pressed.


Plugins automatically launch when a Studio session is started. It’s up to your code to manage putting the Gui in the CoreGui or a dockable widget when said code runs.


It is because there is many plugins that launches when studio starts like words of encouragement

How could I make it a CoreGui?

Plugins have access to the CoreGui, you can place your Guis there. Preferably most utility plugins should use dockable widgets unless they would be more appropriate to appear on screen space because that way users can fit your plugin Guis into their tabbed views.

Alright thank you I will do that