How to let a player move to infront of a part?


player.Character.Humanoid:MoveTo(part) -- but stands infront of the part and not inside.

You could try:

player.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = part.CFrame +,0,0)

I want the player to walk to the in front of the destination.

Well I guess I could just put a WalkToPart infront of the part and let the player walk to there… but it’ll be too complex for what I’m creating :confused:.

local moveToPos = part.CFrame *, 0, 0)

Multiplying a CFrame by will give you a Vector3 which has been offset from the position of the original CFrame. In this case it will leave you with a position 5 studs away from the part (either in front or to the side, you’ll have to try changing either x or z axes).

You could look into Roblox’s path finding service