How to lift player up SMOOTHLY

I want to make rising kick but look at this :

It kinda like stuck
I Used bodyPosition

Mind showing us the script you are using?

HumanoidRootPart:ApplyImpulse(, yForce, 0))
Just change the yForce variable to whatever you want.

local EnemyBodyP =,Ehumanoid.Parent.PrimaryPart)
EnemyBodyP.Name = ForcedBP
EnemyBodyP.Position = Ehumanoid.Parent.PrimaryPart.Position +,20,0)
EnemyBodyP.P = 1200
EnemyBodyP.MaxForce =,math.huge,math.huge)
EnemyBodyP.D = 200
local PlayerBodyP =,character.PrimaryPart)
PlayerBodyP.Name = ForcedBP
PlayerBodyP.Position = character.PrimaryPart.Position +,20,0)
PlayerBodyP.P = 1200
PlayerBodyP.MaxForce =,math.huge,math.huge)
PlayerBodyP.D = 200

also i told you that i use bodyPosition

Don’t set the MaxForce of BodyMovers to math.huge it’s very glitchy when it comes to colliding with something. Set it to something like 99999 or use this script

local Character = script.Parent
local Mass = 0

for i,v in Character:GetDescendants() do
if v:IsA("BasePart") then
Mass += v:GetMass()

BodyPosition.MaxForce =*workspace.Gravity*2,Mass*workspace.Gravity*2,Mass*workspace.Gravity*2)
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