How to Local = (three parts/model)

How to Local = (three parts/model) * one local

Hey, could you provide a little bit more info as in what it is you are looking for? Personally I’m not sure what your question is.

Like a normal script example with part.touch
so you need to do Local part = workspace.part
but I need to do Local part = worspace.multiplayer parts/model

You could keep all the parts/models in a folder in workspace, and then loop through that folder and connect the event to it.

for _, v in pairs(workspace.FolderName:GetChildren()) do 
	if v:IsA("BasePart") then
			-- code here

	elseif v:IsA("Model") then
			-- code here

there is no more simple Local = model, like just local = mode?

A variable is really intended to store one “object”, pretty much. Alternatively, you could also store them in a table, however this is basically what :GetChildren() does anyways. You’ll still have to use the looping method for it to effect all parts, however.

local ExampleTable = {workspace.Part1, workspace.Part2}

for _, v in pairs(ExampleTable) do
   v.Transparency = 1 

fair enough but…

local Hi,I,Do,Work,Aswell = "Hi","I","Do","Work","Aswell"


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