How to log admin abuse to a Webhook for Basic Admin Essentials?

Hello, I currently have forked most of Basic Admin (by @r_r ) for my liking, however, I am trying to figure out when “all, others, admins,nonadmin” commands are used they can be logged to a Discord Webhook for further investigation if needed. If this is not possible, could I limit the “all,others, admins,nonadmin” to a certain admin level?

For example: if someone were todo :pban all, it would send it to a webhook.

Any help would be amazing as I wasn’t successfully able to do this.

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There’s a module, a plugin for BAE 2.0, created for this. I didn’t utilise this, hence I don’t acknowledge how to set it up, but it’s instructed in the script that you’d need to place the module in the plugins folder. Alongside, you’re needed to input your webhook at the Configuration segment in the module, line 36.

I am aware of this, however, I was wondering if there was a way to just have a webhook sent for those commands.

Pretty sure it’s mentioned at the comment that there’s a few types of logs:

Replace the type of log you desire to be sent at line 35, above the webhook’s url. The default’s “Admin Logs”, and if you want to have ban logs, you’d simply replace it as “Ban Logs”.

Alright, thank you for all of your assistance.

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That’s great. If the issue has been solved, don’t forget to mark my comment as a solution for future viewers that stumble upon the same concern. If you’re still experiencing issues, let me know.