How to make a build feel 'alive'?

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I’m obviously not asking you to anthropomorphise it, I’m just looking for advice on how to make an outside space look and feel like a real place, basically I’m trying to add immersion to this.

If you’ve also got any suggestions on the build itself, they’re welcomed too.


I 4eally like the build, it looks nice. What I think you could do to make it look alive. Is to make it a bit more busy? Maybe add a manhole cover onto the road, and probable some cars and more nature. Otherwise great build!

Ps. If you add a bit of glare to the window using a decal, that would be a nice addition that in my opinion would make it look much better.


Think you’re right about the glare!


Yep! That’s good. No problem, and thanks for the heart.


Well if you look on something like google streets, or google images, you probably see loads of details.
Obvious everyday things, like bins and trees, road signs, posters, parking machines. I know loads of coffee shops near me have tables at side of them so if it’s a nice day, you can sit outside and eat/ drink whatever you ordered.

I’ll experiment with a seating area aside it, and you also reminded me that I was going to build a victorian street light, so thanks!

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better or worse?


The front of the building is important in my opinion. You should include a few more things to have that real life feel or make it more alive with a stronger atmosphere, include things like seating, bike racks, open/close sign hanging on the side of the building to have that street cafe feel if you’re going for something like that.

The cafe should have that resemblance that means place that are useful things to take are adding chalkboard signs, coffee logos/windows, sidewalk poles, plants ect. You can go above and beyond place circle lighting underneath the roof cover to implement lighting.

Maybe try and experiment with props include those important objects in order for it to give the whole scene some extra life! You could also add some nice street props like trashcans, plants or little outside seating pick and choose different items that look good to you. It’s good though! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a lot of very helpful information, thank you so much!

Added some bike racks quickly, quite content with them

As for the rest, I’ve got it on my to-do list and I’ll update here when I’ve added the rest :slight_smile:


Looks good I would perhaps add more detail on the bottom of the bike rack in the real world they’ll be a flat plate holding the rack in place acting like support for it, you could achieve this by using a (cylinder - union) and size it properly to get that better circle shape.

The racks seem a little chunky or big looking I normally see them have a sort of curve “squiggly line” it doesn’t seem out of place, but it’s quite odd, I’m sure these are added in the real world they probably around different areas consider sizing them sorter to not take most of the space up. I would follow an image for sizing, proportion, height.

Overall it’s good it just needs some support to keep it from falling over you could even add bolts around the plate to have that realistic approach your wanting. There is a lot of areas you can improve/ add to this build

I’m not sure if you’re already planning on doing this, but you could add cars, street lamps and maybe some benches

Hey there! Here is some advice.

  • You should add more leaves to the tree, but it’s already nice as it is (you should try it out) :evergreen_tree:

  • If you didn’t plan on doing this yet, you should fill the area around the streets etc with nature. :national_park:

  • Add a crossing, so people can go there without drivers being angry. :oncoming_automobile:

  • You could add some benches outside as extra, for extra things.

  • Add some street lamps.

Good luck on your project! I hope that this will help you.

Whenever I do a build, I like to make something move. In real life things are hardly ever still, there is always something moving or making noise around you, and bringing this aspect into your builds could help. Maybe stuff like cars going down the street, a dumpster with flies swarming it, leaves falling off the tree, etc could really help give your build a more immersive feel.

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Cheap way to make something ‘alive’ is to make a dynamic object. Basically a moving thing like windmill (Example), flying paper, or moving leav- wait this is a cartoonish themed build. But you can inovate on how you want to make a dynamic object that suit your game stlye

Man, x_o’s text plugin is insane…

You could probably spice up the lighting and give more details on the build, it looks simple, low-poly, and good but it does lack detail for that “immersion” you want.

If you’re going for a lively build, it needs character.

You’ve already got a great color scheme. The build is consistent in its details, and the proportions are accurate. I’d say you’re build has great visual qualities, but your lacking in dimension and texture.

For example, you’re brickwall is flat. Bring some of those out a bit, you’re going to get a more complex shape which is going to give the building more character. Unique creations often have more natural and complex shapes and positions. This doesn’t mean changing the style, low-poly styles can still feature various angles without compromising low-polyness.

You’ll also want to create places of contrast. Have high-density spots and low-density spots. Like several umbrella tables outside will have more density than the sidewalk. (But always stay in consistent detail, low-high dense spots should have the same quality).

Finally, add some textures. Create some difference in your build.


Hello! There’s a very nice building you got right there, but I got a few suggestions:

To make a building alive I highly recommend using the lighting, using a custom sky and changing the settings.
You could also add some details to the front of the building, and I also recommend adding lights.

Good luck with your project!

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Published the thing here,


Lighting! It will make the ambient way more realistic! Work on it and play with the settings, enable another lighting technology other than Voxel. Future is Bright is currently the most realistic one! Hope this helps.