How To make a camera drag behind when u start flying or speeding up

How would I go by, Making a camera that drags behind, When u are flying, or going really really fast,

Any Help on What i can work on for that!?

Example1 :


It’s the Camera Type that they are manipulating, most likely Orbital.

1st example made me think “just do lerp” but 2nd one seems a bit more technical so I have suggestions

You could try backvector (lookvector*-1)'ing the camera and multiply the backvector by the velocity the character is going and that should give the illusion you want like the 2nd example. If you also position the character according to the camera, it should exactly be like the 2nd example with some other tweaks along with it. In theory this should make it look like it’s dragging behind you, not being able to catch up to you but I havent tested so I wouldnt know if it does work. Make sure the camera is not scriptable as you still want the camera to be dragged around to move your character while flying and overall going to your character. I hope this helps!


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