How to make a child of a textbutton appear under the textbutton

i tried messing around with the zindex but i figured since it’s the child it’ll have the same zindex so i don’t really know

Zindex will work across all ancestors… set the button you want to appear on top to a Zindex with any number higher than the button underneath’s Zindex, and it will work.

In this example here, TextButton2 with a Zindex of 1 will appear below Textbutton1 with a Zindex of 2:
Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 5.39.03 PM

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yeah i have a button of a zindex of 4 and everything else is 1 and the zindex of 1 still appears on top

Please show your hierarchy of the GUI.

ClassDropDown has a zindex of 4 while ClassList and all it’s children have a zindex of 1

This might seem like a wierd question since i dont know your situation, but why are you wanting a parent button to appear over the child buttons? this will hide them right? why even have them?

Let me send a video showing why i have it like this

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Oh that would be great! . . . . .


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I see… change your main screengui (your top level gui) ZindexBehavior to Global.

This will allow all your Zindexes to behave in line with each other, regardless of siblings.

Edit: and make sure to keep the zindexes u had before so that it relies on them.

ok thank you it worked!!!

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