How to make a control script for a mable?

Hello! I am making a controllable marble for a game out of what I know in scripting. But I am confused on where to start. I was thinking if using Body Movers to move the marble and User Input Service to use keys to control it. But I wanted it to be connected with the character’s camera. Any idea on how I can do that so I can use the camera to also turn the ball’s direction?

You should start by creating a ball for each player using a server Script and giving the player’s authority over the ball. You should look here for that. You can create a ball for each player using the PlayerAdded event

For the camera, you should create some kind of LocalScript that will rotate the ball around every frame. You should use the RenderStepped event for that since it will run before frames are displayed to the screen so it prevents a stuttery image. Just move the camera’s CFrame around the ball and rotate it.

You could then use Input events for movement. You could find help with that here

Good luck and feel free to ask more questions if needed.