How to make a custom NPC move?

Hi! I am making a boss system for my simulator game and the boss isn’t moving. I made the boss using the Build Dummy plugin and put some accessories on it. Then, I unanchored nad uncancollided the HumanoidRootPart and cancollide the legs but it’s not moving. Any reasons why?

Part of the module script for the movement (both prints are working)

function Boss:BossMove(bossModel, bossName)
		local num = 0
		while wait(bossStats[bossName].BossMoveTime) do
			if bossModel then
				if num < 3 then
					print("Boss Moved")
					bossModel.Humanoid:MoveTo(bossModel.PrimaryPart.Position +,5), 0, math.random(5, -5)))
					print("Boss Moved")
					num += 1
                    self:Attack(bossModel, bossName)
					num = 0

The humanoidRootPart needs to be collided, or it will not stand up.

try to put the characters parts in a collisiongroup, and put the player and the NPC in the same collisiongroup.

Hi. I forgot to mention that does the humanoid need an animation to move? Also, I collided it and still doesn’t work. I also think that collision groups won’t be needed

Nevermind I fixed it, turns out instead of sending the cloned version into the parameter I sent in the actual model.