How To Make A Dancing NPC | Roblox Studio Resource/Tutorial

Hello! So a long time ago I made a tutorial on how to make your own 2d game and it BLEW UP!

How To Make Your Own 2D Game

Now, I want to share another one of my creations, a dancing NPC!

Why this was made:

a bit ago I was trying to get a dancing NPC that worked I tried many models from many diffrent people. Eventually, I decided to make one on my own. It was 3 days of solid work. So, I don’t want other developers to go through this trouble, enjoy!

Getting The Asset

First, you have to get the asset! Don’t worry I’ll show you how to configure it and set it up!

Many people have trouble with things like this. Dancing NPCs are great for showing your community your avatar, giving developers credit, or showing off people you know!

Configuring/Customizing The Asset

My dancing NPC model comes with most things already added, however you still have to customize it.

Look in the model and open up the “Loader” script. You can delete the “README” sense I’m teaching you right now.

Notice the animation in the script, choose the animation you want and add it to the animation Id.

Then, go to line 14:

Loader:updateModel(script.Parent, 1403418482) -- PlayerID

Here you can change the number to the Id of the player you want to appear dancing.

To find a players Id, go to their profile. It will be in the link. Take mine for example,


The 1403418482 in the link is my ID

After that, head down to the “Tags”. If you don’t want this you can delete it, however its good for most roleplay groups. The name part will change colors due to the color change script, again delete if you don’t want it.

Basically, just change the test value of “pName” to the player’s name, and “Extra” to the player’s rank or description.


Now, just test your game! Check the “Notice” section below if it doesn’t work.


Don’t mess with the anchoring or it wont work, it is anchored so it won’t get pushed around by players, but it will still dance.

It will automatically turn to me if the player fails to load (If they are Banned, If data store is offline, ect.)

Also don’t mess with the scripts unless you know what your doing!

Thanks For Reading :smiley:

Bug Fixes/Updates

  • Fixed Face Decal Issue

This will be helpful! Thanks. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem! It took like 3 days too make so hopefully it is!

Thank you for this outstanding recourse!

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No problem! I’d love to see what you use it for!

I am actually very impressed. The only thing is that, it does this to my face…

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Looks like the dummy has a face decal, this should work after you’ve gone to workspace, find your dummy, open it, find the dummy’s head, and delete the “face” decal there. Haven’t tried this but should work.

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The problem was solved, but thank you!

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I’ll update the model to fix the problem right now! Thank you for addressing the issue!

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