How to make a game as popular as possible with 10k robuxs?

im have 10k robux y my game proyecy in my group.

  1. What do you want to achieve?

I want to win as many players for my game by investing the 10k

  1. What is the issue?

I would like to hear advice or ways that you would recommend

advertisements or sponsorship?

  1. What solutions have you thought of so far?

I have thought about investing them in sponsorship since it is more likely to click

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It would be best to use both ads and sponserships, that way you have even more visibility

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I don’t know a lot about either one, but what I do know is:
advertisements don’t appear when you have AdBlock.
sponsorships, however, DO appear, even when you have AdBlock.
so maybe sponsorships would be a good idea?
still, you still might want to do advertisements, either way.

also, why is “hiring” a tag? this post doesn’t talk about hiring.

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I like the idea of ​​sponsorship

I recommend advertising it, but not with roblox ads. A small percent of the people notice roblox ads. What I would recommend is paying an influencer or a youtuber some of the robux to play your game if it’s possible. Or if not, as a second option I recommend spending 300 robux in advertisements and 300 robux in sponsorship; And the one that gets more clicks, you could invest more in it. Hope this helped.


Using ads is a bad idea, it’s more preferable to use it for sponsorships, the reason why ads is a bad idea is because many people in Roblox has something called extensions, and if you’re a extension user, you can block ads in Roblox. Which means advertising it would be useless, but sponsorships at the other hand is a great idea! I’m pretty sure there aren’t any blockers for sponsorship, correct me if I’m wrong, and mostly mobile users can see sponsorships, which will make you have more visits, therefore you using sponsorships on your robux is a great idea! Use around 1k below or more if you want!


Without any robuxc firstly you wanna get testers which will then tell you about your game like what it needs and what is good and bad about it, once you get the testers satifised try to make some people you know play it and get their opinion and if its all good then you can try to run ads depending on what your game is,

If the game is about obbies or not requiring quick time reactions you can sponsor and create ads for any platform while if its more action based unless you got mobile controls very well made you want to target only pc audience only as youll get more use out of it but mobile users will provide you the player count