How to make a gender selector with male/female faces

I need help with a gender picking, when u choose a gender

ex. u choose male u will get male face and if u choose female u will get female face.

Thanks for the help!

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Simple gui with a button, male or female then send a remote to the server to save the selection and set face decal to the one you chose for male and or female.

Can you also show me how to do the scripts? I really don’t have any knowledge about scripting, sorry.

Sorry to be a party pooper but


Well it doesn’t have to be an entire script, just enough lines of code for you to get an idea of how it’s constructed.

local Button = _Your_Button;
local Face = Head:WaitForChild(‘Face’);
local Default = Face.ImageID;
local ID = _YourID(

Face.ImageID = Face.ImageID == ID and Default or ID;

The and or statement is to check if the player is already wearing said face lol.

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I apologize, I didn’t know but thank you for warning me on the rules.