How to make a good GUI

Through using the wiki and the devforum, I noticed that their tutorials cover the basics of making GUIs. But when I make my GUis, they come out as so flat and boring, and I can’t quite tell what is causing this, I tried changing the color, font, size etc. of the gui but no matter what I do, it just looks like an unformatted HTML page with no CSS. What are some tips that you would give to people like me who have a basic understanding of UI design but arent quite good at it? If it requires external software, which are the best?

I would definitely recommend Photoshop, but 2 great free alternatives are Adobe XD and Figma, though you can do more with PS. (it’s a lot more complex tho). XD and Figma are great apps that can teach you how to make simple UI’s quickly, and it’s not too hard to learn!

And once you make UI designs on say, photoshop, how would you import it back to roblox studio?

With ImageLabels and ImageButtons.

This video is great for beginners.