How to make a gui paint tool

Hello so i have been working on a building system and now i want to make a gui paint tool.
What I mean is when a player clicks a text button a gui pops up alowing them to choose a colour and if they have when they click a block that has a value called “changecolour” then change the colour of the block to the color they picked.

I have looked on youtube and on the forum but I coundnt find anything that could help me.

I have tried making it on my own but I dont know where to start

thanks for reading.

Try this:

There is also a Gear in the catalog (I believe) called PaintBucket. You could insert it into your game via InsertService and alter its code to suit your needs.

I tried it and I still cant seem to do it do you know any other ways?

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Unfortunately, I can’t really help much.

You could try something with MouseHover or something (maybe ClickDetectors?)

On Hover, paint the brick the selected color. Check to see if their mouse is held down first Using UserInputService :slight_smile:

MouseHoverEnter is part of ClickDetecotr

Put a clickdetecotr inside each colorable brick and clone the script

Thank you so much I finally did it :slight_smile:

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