How to make a hovercraft float?

So im trying to make a hovercraft that floats above what ever part is below it but I dont know how to find out what part is below the vehicle.

You could use raycasting. Alternatively, if you just want it to always be a certain distance above the ground you could have the bottom be an invisible part of the exact height you’re going for.

What exactly are you attempting to do, anyway?


im trying to make a hovercraft float like 4 studs above whatever is under it.

And when you ride it off a cliff, would you want it to float down slowly or drop all at once?

float down slowly for like 1 second

I know I have to use bodyposition/movers its just how would I make sure it was always 4 studs above the part below it.

by using a raycast to determine how far away the nearest part straight down is and adjust accordingly

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current code i have

the position is on the other side of the map and the hovercraft does not even go there… (The hovercraft is welded.)

Does bodyposition work with a anchored model or nah?

No. I’d recommend you read up on the basic properties of parts and body movers before you try something like this, as it sounds a little beyond your reach at the moment.

Anchored parts

Body movers


i have the hovercraft welded will that work?