How to make a Impact Crater

I want to make an impact crater for an explosion made of parts and/or mesh parts if the explosion is close to the ground or a wall.

Something like this: (Taken from GPO)

Where I am: Honestly, I’ve made no progress, I have no idea how to sense what faces of the hitbox are touching what faces of the wall/floor. Please help. It would be greatly appreciated!

here is crater module you just need to add raycast.


Yes! This is really perfect, and nice and easy to edit! Thank you!

the module is offsale… how do I use it now

Oh man… Hmm, I would share mine with you, but I did edit it a lot… And I’m not much of a public sharing type of person… Sorry :frowning:. Hmm, the script overall is quite simple though, just get a module script, get the amount of dots around the circle, send a raycast down, if there is a result, set the color/material and you’re done.

It’s fine, I already made my own and it works perfectly