How to make a Ki sense Feature

  1. What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!

I want to be able to make a sorta ki sense type of thing in my game
like lets say a player presses a key on there keyboard, they can see a glowing circle(gui) over other players and the size of the shows how much power they have

im guessing this script will have to use
a code to get players within a distance
but i just cant seem to figure out how ot put it all together

if anyone knows how to achieve this please let me know

you can try to use adorneebox or billboard gui for glowing circle

and just make big hitbox near yourself with uses gettouchingparts

Well for starters, like @madonchik123 just stated above, that could be potentially useful for the progress and then changed after.

But I recommend a few steps beforehand,

  • Create a local script (This is just the main script so it only appears for them),
  • Use UserInputService for when a player presses the specific button (bunch of tutorials on devforum and YT),
  • If the button is being held down, make your UI visible.

Those are just a few steps to get started, remember not to go overboard and take your time on this, there will be a few problems as usual, everybody gets some. You must simply fix it and hopefully it all goes good.

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ty for the tips and stuff yea i know how to use all the stuff above just didnt know how i should put them together once again ty