How to make a loading screen

In summary: How do I get some kind of value or result on how much a game has loaded in any terms so I can determine when the client is ready to play the game by use of a script?

I am probably being stupid right now because I have searched a lot on the DevForum (probably not well enough) but I cannot find a single Service, Script, API or whatever which allows me to check the status of assets loaded into a game. Surely there is some way of doing this? I don’t want to have to go scrambling through random scripts or something stupid to find it in the first place like I had to with MovementVectors…

I am completely competent enough to work out how to make a loading screen and use such a solution in a script, I just literally do not know how on earth you are supposed to obtain this information. Is it in like the DataModel as a function or Service or should I be looking in ReplicatedFirst for some hidden functions.

I also think this should be made generally MORE AVAILABLE to newbies, kind of like how using the DataStoreService is pretty obvious and self-explanatory.
In essence: “Thanks but I can’t find a game:GetService(“please load my flipping assets thank you”)”**


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I’ve reread the document, and apparently it should actually track loading progress, if that’s all you need.


Yeah that seems workable! This also allows me to dynamically wait for assets to load in ReplicatedStorage too and Terrain in Workspace, I can use threads to prevent it yielding a larger script.

Thanks a lot, its people like you who help with my development process and the community!