How to make a Loading Screen

Welp Hello Iam Sam
So iam trying to make a loading Screen ui Like Boba Cafe game
But i dont know how to make a Loading Screen like them

1 The white go bigger and smaller overtime
2 The Moving Background

Anyone have idea how to make those ?
Any help is appriciate


You will have to use the ReplicatedFirst service and the TweenService.

You could also use the function ReplicatedFirst | Roblox Creator Documentation to remove the default loading screen.

Everything in ReplicatedFirst will (as the name suggests) replicate first to the client, that includes LocalScripts, which will run before any other script, in those scripts you could use TweenService to animate the Loading Screen.

You could use TweenService to smoothly animate the lines.

I am not so sure about that one, but I think they are also using the TweenService to animate that.
They probably have the background set as one big image which is constantly changing its position, so when the image reaches a certain point they return it back to the start position and then they repeat the same process over and over…

But how could i use Tween service for the dot ?

I think that each dot there is a Frame, which has UICorner (with corner radius set to 0.5, 0) applied to it.
Then you could use TweenService:Create to animate the Y size of the dot frame, which would give you similar (if not the exact same) results.

So yes I can help you make one of those. I am extremely bored so I will have nothing to do and I assume something like this would be good to get some practice. Add me at BloxsDevs#2714 and make a game with team create and we can work together. I’ll only make the loading screen btw.

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What is your loading Screen including xd
Edit : The menu is for a comns not my game

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