How to make a model loop around the track?

I need an model (car) to loop inside the track (car tracks), but I seem to not have it working.

I tried to use tween, but then it would be 112 tweens which would be painstaking.

You can always use Neural Networking. There’s a lot of videos about deep learning, but I find this series very useful

Demo (Not my video)

Then again, this is a broad topic. If you don’t want to use that, you can try something like this

  • Create specific points inside the track, mostly where there’s a corner/curve.

  • You could then loop through these points, then use Pathfinding to get to each point.

local PointsInTrack = path.Points;
local Pathfinding = game:GetService("PathfindingService");
local Car = path.Car;

for _,b in ipairs(PointsInTrack:GetChildren()) do
    local Path = pathfinding:CreatePath()
    Path:ComputeAsync(Car.Position, b.Position);
    local Waypoints = Path:GetWaypoints();
        for _,a in pairs(Waypoints) do
            --<Create Tween, Yield Using Tween.Completed:Wait();

I wrote this on here with no testing though, so bear with me

Oh goodness, another reason I should have listened to my 7th grade mathematics and robotics teachers. Welp. Thanks.