How to make a Monster AI that doesn't stop when you take a sharp corner

I’m trying to make a pathfinding AI that does not stop chasing you when you take a sharp corner or a corner in general.

I can’t seem to find a tutorial about this

Any help would be appreciated

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A great solution for this is using pathfinding or waypoint service. These help your monster calculate paths and make them not slam into walls.


If you’re making a pathfinding AI by yourself. What I’d do is track the players movement by drawing data points where it has walked, and then when the AI can no longer visually ‘see’ the player, simply move it to the last visible data point from the AIs perspective. In case the AI can’t walk straight to the latest point, in case it’s just barely visible, you’d want to calculate where it can walk by taking into account the humanoidrootparts width. This is 100% better than the pathfinding service as it’s very slow, and I’ve never gotten it to work smoothly.


well that seems good however my monster also uses a block to block ai (aka patrol) to look around the map for the player. also how will i store these data points and how frequent should i get these data points?

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maybe folders in workspace and these will be like nodes?

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This vid shows that the monster still follows you when you take a sharp corner. You can download the kit in the desc. HOW TO MAKE A MIMIC MONSTER AI EASILY! (WITH KIT)

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