How to make a part only visible for a specific player


How can I please make a part only visible to a specific player? Thanks!

You can make use of RemoteEvents because using remote events you can use the server to tell the client (a player) to show or hide a part by changing transparency on the client side. Thats why we got server & local scripts (Yes, we also got modules)


You can fire an event from the server to make the part invisible on the client side or use a LocalScript. However, please don’t ask people to write entire scripts, haha!

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RemoteEvents would be useful here, You would setup a connection to The Client and Fire on the Server, but the only issue is:
“How will you get that specific Player on the Server?”

  • The Server doesn’t keep track of your Player because it runs for the Server, not the Player
  • The Client runs for the Player, Of course it will keep track of your Player

You can Send a Request to The Server, and then Have it send back to the Client if a Condition is met.

But what are you trying to do exactly?

This doesn’t exactly involve RemoteEvent,you can just use a regular LocalScript, that is only visible to the Player

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Ok, thanks everyone, I’m not asking for scripts or anything, I just wanted to make sure there is a better way to do this.

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