How to make a place information Gui?

Does anyone know how i can script something like this:


That is actually very easy to do. It is just some juicy use of TeleportService

thanks, but how would i script the gui(like the one in the image) to pop up, when you click a certain button.

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Is the button a click detector? If so, use MouseClick.

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thanks, but i want the image( with the visits, likes, dislikes and game thumbnail) to open right way. Is there a sort of service i need to use?

The image is from this game: Advertise YOUR Game! - Roblox

You just need to use a function.
If you are using a clickdetector, use MouseClick and change the visibility of the gui.
If you are using a gui to open the frame, use MouseButton1Click and change the visibility of the gui.

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uhh I think he is sending get requests to an api to get place visits of a game.

yes, as well as the game thumbnails, dislikes and likes. Do you know a link that would help me with this?

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uhh i do but its saved on my pc and im on mobile rn

it’s fine, when you get on your pc, can you reply with the link?

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Try this function(server script only):

function GetPlaceInfo(placeId)
	local http = game:GetService("HttpService")
	local universeUrl = ""..tostring(placeId)
	local gameInfoUrl = ""
	local universeId
	local gameInfo
	local universeGood, universeBad = pcall(function()
		universeId = http:JSONDecode(http:GetAsync(universeUrl)).UniverseId
	if universeGood and universeId then
		gameInfoUrl = gameInfoUrl..tostring(universeId)
		local gameInfoGood, gameInfoBad = pcall(function()
			gameInfo = http:JSONDecode(http:GetAsync(gameInfoUrl))
		if gameInfoGood and[1] then
			warn("Error fetching data for universeId: "..tostring(universeId).." and placeId: "..tostring(placeId))
			return false
		warn("Error fetching universeId for place: "..tostring(placeId))
		return false

In order to interface, you can do this:

GetPlaceInfo(12345678).visits to get the visits

You go to this website to see what fields you can access. Everything is case sensetive.

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I’ve been looking for something like this but it doesn’t work for certain games. I tried for one of my games and it gives a blank table