How to make a player only script?


So i made a admin panel and i’m ready to publish my update to ROBLOX.

But the problem is, i don’t know how to make one. (I’m a newbie to scripting)

I don’t want to get a free model from the toolbox. So please, help me!

Hey. It really depends on what you mean by it, because the post is without any context at all.

So i mean that i want it to be a player only script, for example: No one will have the gui only if that player is in the local player. I mean, at least a template would help me!

Oh so you want to choose who can see the admin panel?
You could do something like this:

    if plr.Name == "thatrandomnoob23" then
    adminpanel.Visible = true

And in what type of script should it be?

Maybe you can check when a player joins the game and if its player id is same to yours you can clone the gui to your pkayer gui

And also we look really similar lol

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It would be in a sever script. Make sure you have the correct path to the adminpanel to make it visible.
the path would look something like this

plr.PlayerGui.ScreenGui.adminpanel.Visible = true

Hmm. Let me try!

I will reply back to see if it works or not

That can work too but it may be easily exploited since if gui is in everyone but only visible in you then hackers can make it visible too since it will be in everyones client

If you’re making an admin panel anti-cheat should already be a given. I assumed that would be commonplace.

That’s why in a admin panel when firing to the server or such you do a Server-Sided check to see if the player which fired it is a admin.

You should also store the Gui inside a ServerScript not put it in StarterGui.

Yes but it will be more complicated than just not giving exploiters access to admin panel

No you should store the gui in server storage

I tried it but, i don’t know how to mention if a player’s ID is correct.

You could store it in a Serverscript or Serverstorage, as long as it isn’t in a public service then you could store it anywhere.

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You can use a if loop like: if player.PlayerId = [your id here] then

Exploiters will be able to go into people’s PlayerGui and get people’s Gui’s. So that’s why like I said when doing a ban command or such you should check if the Player that fired the remote event is a admin.

But exploiters only have access to their client because their client is on their computer

Like local admins = {"thatrandomnoob23", "idk"}?

But on their client they see other players, not only their player/character.