How to make a player owns car script?

Hello, I wanted people to stop stealing each overs cars in my game and I wanted to make a script where the first person who gets in that car owns it and if anyone else tries to get in the driver seat it makes them jump.

Thanks to anyone who helps!

Add a stringvalue that get’s the player’s full name and change the value to the player name it retrieved, after that make it so the one who sat on the driver seat would be checked for his player name, if his player name isn’t as the same to the name of the stringvalue’s value of the player that first drived the car, kick them out.

Also, you should make it so the player that left that drove the car first makes the string value reset so it’s not like a unrentable rented car.

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You should also make it damage them, after making them jump, just so that they don’t spam it

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