How to make a roload gui?

I need help. How to make a roload gui like the medkit in canping , how many times can you use and roloading time.

What have you tried? Explain why you need it.

I started to script in 2020 I have expirence , I know to make a medkit wait for use but no with gui , I need this for my canping game and I will make a medkit gamepass but the playes can not using it all the time and infinite time. I know make the gamepass work but no roload and limited time whit a gui.

If you use , the gui appears and show how many times you can use and the roload time

Like this

That’s as simple as whenever you left click, or do whatever, it gets a value and reduces it by one, for example: You have 5 bullets, subtract 1, you have 4. You just get the value, reduce it, and when it hits zero, do whatever.

And the countdown I need to use a remote event and a local script how do i always do. Tanks So much to the help