How to make a "Side Bar" like BOTW?
Does anyone know how to make a gui to the side of an enemy or npc?
Whenever I turn, my billboard gui just kind of floats around.
Here is the hierarchy if it is needed:


It depends where your GUIs are parented to, and the offset you have them set to.
The head GUI stays centered above the head, but the side bar seems to be parented to the body.
Your picture of the Hierarchy doesn’t show enough for us to be able to figure out what each GUI is, or even if they are the Boar (100/100) GUI and the green scale GUI.

What happens to the GUIs when you rotate the camera up so it looks down on the boar?

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The gui looks in your direction if you look at it that way.
It’s sort of like if you turned on “FaceCamera” on a trail or beam.
Also, yes I set the adornee to the humanoidrootpart.

I realized that the GUI is facing the camera, but the entire issue you were commenting on is because you should be having both GUIs set to the same Part, not different Parts.

Well…I tried setting the adornee to the same part and it had the same result.
That wasn’t the issue I was commenting about though.

So “by the side of the enemy or NPC” do you mean always on its right side of the camera view, or do you mean always to the NPC’s right shoulder (for example) in the world?

I would expect that if the side bar is set to the Head Part of your NPC in your video it should rotate to face the camera at all times.
If you want it to be always on the NPC’s right shoulder and face the camera then maybe weld a Part off the right shoulder and parent the GUI to that, with no side offset. That would cause it to face the camera but stay in that position.

Do you have a video of what you want it to look like? I took a look at Breath of the Wild videos but enemies don’t seem to have a side bar, just an overhead bar for health.


Well, your solutions seemed to have worked :slight_smile:
Also, if you were curious, I was referring to the stamina bar in BOTW that was to the side of the character.
Thanks for all the help

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