How to make a simulator twist to my game

I have a game that is kind of like Tower of Hell, and I see that there are so many fangames of ToH on Roblox, so I want to make mine kind of different. Right now, it’s like a dropper version of ToH, but it feels really similar to other dropper games. That’s why I want to add a simulator twist. I don’t want it to be a full-on simulator, I want it to have simulator features. I have different worlds, and I’m planning to add rebirths too, but I need some more ideas.

game: Dropper of Death - Roblox

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If people play for a long time they get a power up. Or if they thumbs up the game they get a skip level

also you could do a power up or a skip level if a player joins your group. (If you have a group)

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