How to make a smooth trampoline-like part

My goal is to make a part that bounces you without having a delay after you touch the part before it bounces you. So far I have tried setting the y velocity of the anchored part, but there’s a delay once you touch the part before it bounces you, and sometimes breaks for a few seconds. I have also tried setting the velocity of the character, but that also isn’t smooth. Is their a way to get rid of the delay between the time the player touches the part, and when it makes the player bounce?

You can use raycasts to detect the trampoline part before you actually hit it. You can connect the raycasting detecting with the humanoid.Falling event or something.

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You could have a part slightly above the actual trampoline surface that has a touched event.
then you can add checks like the humanoidstate type = falling for example

Or you could use raycasts as mentioned above.

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what happens is the player constantly gets bounced up and down really quickly, but never comes that far off the ground.

Then I suppose the touched event hitbox thing that @InternallyAmplified said. Maybe a combination of both could work.

I tried, that, and that doens’t work either

Sounds like you need quick detection. A runservice loop in a script with raycasting should suffice. You can also try a min,max method to detect if the player is in the dimensions to be bounced. Or use :GetTouchingParts(). If this still doesn’t work exactly then a part

should work.

Just apply upward bodyvelocity to character whenever he hits the trampoline; clientsided would work best.


Thanks for all your help! I found a solution, I put a region above the part, and if the player is in that region, constantly set their Jump = true, and make their jumppower 175.