How to make a stun system for my combat system?

Hello i am working on a Combat system like gpo. But i have no idea how to make stuns.

What i want to achive is that the player cant move,jump and attack for a period. It would work like a debounce. So I guess I would need to make a bool value to every player. then have a loop that checks if the value is true then it would stun the player and turn the value to false again after a time. In the combat tool m1 local script I send data to the combat handler in serversciptservers where the damged and animations plays. But basicly i need to check if the stun is false in the local script then it should send data. The loop could also be using renderstepped for a quicker respons.

Pls help me Dear crazygamespp.

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You can set the player Walkspeed and JumpPower to 0 or can anchore all character body part to do your stun.

Also yes, you probably can do a BoolValue to check if player is stunned or not if you want to, but i disagree about the “loop”.

You can simply use a Value.Changed function to check when the value change and then do the stun.


In my game, I have a value called ‘Stunned’. When it is true, the player is held in place by BodyPos (I think its BodyPos) and then launched on the 5th attack by a BodyVelocity.