How to make a sword system with Sword Collisions

Im just curious, I don’t have an actual problem, but how would you create a sword system where you actually block attacks and the swords collide? On every game involving swords ive ever seen on roblox the swords cannot collide with each other they just go right through. I’m curious on how one would go about creating a system where you could actually parry a sword attack. Someone swings a sword at you, you put up your sword to stop the enemy’s sword from hitting you at which point their sword bounces off or something like as opposed to continuing the animation and going right through your sword. Is these even feasible on roblox? Or would it be too complicated to pull off without causing a lot of instability, lag or jerky movements?


I’d argue that there are two approaches:

  • Creating Animations for each pose (one for the sword animation, another for the parry of that) and bringing the poses together in a fight mechanic, or;

  • Actually calculating the position of the sword you want to parry and moving the joints (perhaps using Inverse Kinematics) to achieve the position and rotation of the sword. This approach is far more challenging.

Hope this helps.


Thanks! Sounds like IK would be the best way to go I might give it a shot sometime

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