How to make a team member outline

Hihi! So as usual, am tryna make a Valorant based game but Idk how to make a player’s teammate have a outline of blue color and the player’s enemy team players have a red outline

If anyone knows this, please teach me. I am really confused

I’m aware Roblox itself is planning to create an outline property.

Do you intend to make it visible through walls (Apologies, didn’t see much Valorant gameplay)?

If not, you could get meshparts with flipped normals and possibly weld them to parts.
Just remember to make them massless.

If yes, I know The Stalker 2 had a hacky method to accomplish this (but it was a lot of calculation).
You could certainly almost invisible glass parts and small transparency neon parts.

I’d honestly wait for the property though.

Giving objects outlines is already complicated in Roblox right now, more so outlines that can be seen through walls while the outlined object can’t, so don’t think about it for now. For now, let’s just give players little markers.

You’ll have to give every player a marker, but color it according to whether the player is a friend or foe.

In a LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts, write something like this (completely untested):

local friend = script.FriendMarker -- BillboardGui with Frame in it
local enemy  = script.EnemyMarker
local myself = game.Players.LocalPlayer

		local copy
		if player.Team == myself.Team then
			copy = friend:Clone()
			copy = enemy:Clone()
		copy.Parent = char
		copy.Adornee = char.PrimaryPart

(Not guaranteed to work on players already in the game; easily fixable)