How to make a tire pumping animation?

I’m trying to make a sort of pumping animation such as one seen when a tire is pumped. I’ve tried it out with the Roblox animation plugin and have added the motor joints but it doesn’t seem to work. The tires are made out of low poly triangles and I can’t seem to figure out how to make the triangles stick to one another while showing the inflating animation. Furthermore, it is about a 100 times easier for me to move individual parts around in edit mode as compared to using the animation plugin.

Unless there is a way for me to copy and paste the part position into each frame of the animation, I’m afraid this animation is almost impossible to do on the Roblox Animation Plugins.

Does anyone have any solutions to the above problem? Otherwise, would it be alright if I use a script to carry out the animation? If so, I would be using Lerping as an option but I’m afraid it might deal a heavy load to the server. I do hope Roblox will make it such that we can edit the part position in normal studio edit mode and just paste it into the Animation editor and let Roblox handle the calculations.

If you’re attempting to animate an object, all of it’s parts will need to be welded with Motor6Ds and the animation will need to be run from an AnimationController. If you’re trying to animate a humanoid with a tool, same process applies but just load the animation to the Humanoid.

If the Roblox animator plugin isn’t registering the motor-welded parts, use a different animation plugin. There’s a classic reupload and Moon Animation Suite.

If this isn’t your problem, I can’t understand what is because there’s not enough information or visuals provided.

Scripting it is always an acceptable alternative so long as you know how.


What are you trying to animate? The tire, the pump or the player?

I’m a bit confused as for what you’re trying to achieve. If you want to animate air being pumped into the tire i would just increase the tire size through code. If the content is intended to be public for players you should definitely consider the performance.


I’m trying to animate the tire itself. Also, the tire starts from being deflated which prevents an animation that simply increases its size.

Unlike a balloon, a tire looks exactly the same inflated or not.
The only difference is shown when the tire is underpressure from the car.
The only animation needed would then be this:

Should look realisic right?

If you’re just editing the size of the tire, can you not just do that with a script? It frankly seems useless to be using an animation to change the size of something - that’s also not entirely what animations are for (objective perspective).

Use TweenService to smoothly change the size of your part (in this case the tire) from it’s current size to the determined goal. I personally think TweenService is the most suitable candidate for this.
You’ll have to write code.

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I understand that TweenService is good, but I would like to include part rotation into the equation. Would Lerping be a better option or should I include both tweenservice and lerping for rotation? Otherwise, is there a flaw to completely using Lerping for animations?

I’d animate it using objects. If you have different tires and change the transparencies rapidly it will look as if it were a legit animation.