How to make a tool digging mining system? Help

So, For my game. I’m trying to figure out how to make this system below. And, I can’t attend to find the solution. I know you need to use the system to values, but I’m not sure, what I can do here. And, use it with tools.
Screenshot 2020-11-22 181755

Screenshot 2020-11-22 181818

I am not too sure about what you mean. Plus, you cannot be asking the devforum to design whole script systems for you.

However… here’s how you would go about doing it:

Have a tool. When it is activated, get the 3D mouse pos. Then, ray cast and find the part that was clicked. Then, simply destroy it and add one point to a variable. Update the gui by concatenation it in a local script (fire a remote event). And bada boom, you have lost interest in this.