How to Make a Trading System Dissabler for South Korean Players Only?

So due to the new Roblox obligation I am in need to find out how to disable the trading system in my game for only South Korean players.

If you reply then please answer these questions:

  1. Is there actually a way to do this due to VPNs and other location hiding programs?

  2. If so, how???

  3. And is it against the rules to find where someone lives to implement this?

Thank you for reading this post.
-CandleLightGames I’m pretty new to scripting lol

This is what PolicyService:GetPolicyInfoForPlayerAsync will be for. If IsPaidItemTradingAllowed is false then their country does not allow paid-item trading.


Don’t worry about location-spoofing. It’s not your job as a developer to deal with VPNs used by people who have restrictions put on them; rather, it’s the job of the countries which have imposed trading restrictions. As far as I’m aware, the ability to detect a VPN is out of your control.

Use the new API that Roblox has given us; implement it properly, and you’ll be fine.


Thank you so much this helps me a lot