How To Make a "Unlimited Money Gamepass" For a Tycoon

I want to make an Unlimited Money/Cash Gamepass when you buy it you get let’s Say 9 Billion Cash or Money. Also when you Rejoin or Play the game Again you Get 9 billion each time.

The Issue is I don’t know how to make one for a Tycoon and the tycoon model was based on “ZedNov’s Tycoon Kit”

I have tried to search the Dev Forum but haven’t found anything about this topic, I also have asked some of my Tycoon creator friends but they couldn’t help.

Please also try to explain step by step! Thanks


After looking at the structure of the tycoon kit, I found that player money stats are stored as NumberValues which have the same name as the player they belong to. These values are all in ServerStorage.PlayerMoney so you can edit the values in there.

Using UserOwnsGamePassAsync on a player when they join, you can ensure they have the game pass, and set their money value to whatever value you want. This would be done using:

game:GetService("ServerStorage"):WaitForChild("PlayerMoney"):WaitForChild(player.Name).Value = 10000000000

I use WaitForChild because the values may not exist immediately. For some reason this value doesn’t display on the leaderboard immediately, so if you have ShowCurrency enabled you may also want to do:

player:WaitForChild("leaderstats"):WaitForChild("YourCurrencyNameHere").Value = "10.0B+"

Hope this helps!


Yea, But where would i put the Script

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The script should be a normal script, and it can go anywhere where they run - though preferably in ServerScriptService.

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