How to make a Verification Obby with Autoranking using

Military Bot Ranking Obby Thingy

So, lots of people own groups, and most of those people are scared of their group getting botted/spammed with group wall scams. Turning off the group wall makes it so your staff can’t communicate with normal members about trolling, hackers, etc.

Well, I’m about to show you how to make an extremely easy obby that new players have to pass, and if they join the game, pass the obby, and press the rank button, it ranks them to a rank such as ‘Verified User’ or ‘Verified Customer’.

First off, you’re going to need a few things:
-A group.
-A rank that the new joiners will get ranked to if they pass the obby.
-A Roblox account (not your main account), that will be logged into by the project and ranking users.

Once you have all those things, let’s get started!

Alrighty, first off, you’re going to need the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie of the bot account, so It can log in. A good tutorial on how to do this is located here (on chrome replace ‘Storage’ with ‘Application’).

Okay, so once you finish watching that tutorial, make sure to rank the account a high enough rank in the group that It can change ranks, and write the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie on a notepad document or something. We will need this later.

Okie, next up, head on over to, and sign up with your Google, Github, or Email.
Once you’re done signing up, find the ‘New repl’ button and click it.

Next, type in the name of your choice, hit ‘node.js’, then ‘create’.

Once Repl finishes loading, head to this pastebin link and copy the text contained in the pastebin, and paste it into your ‘index.js’ in the repl. GIF

Next, create a file called .env in your Repl. GIF

Copy+Paste this into .env:

Put your cookie in front of the cookie= (example: cookie=wjdnahdbnawbdbjawdbawhjdbaw)
Put your group ID in front of group= (example: group=827937
Put a random key to block off foreign requests in front of key= (example: key=weaghdawdkwjndawdnawdndmawkd0po)
(Remember this key for later.)

Hit the big ‘Run’ button, and if no errors show up, continue to the next step.

Next, head on over to, and sign up for a account, then, you should be on a dashboard.
Find the button called new monitor, click it, and follow these instructions:
1. In your Repl, you should see a white box with the URL, copy this url. GIF
2. In UptimeRobot, hit ‘New Monitor, at the dashboard.’
From there, follow these steps:
For ‘Monitor Type’, select HTTP.
For ‘Friendly Name’, you can put anything, really.
For ‘URL (or IP)’, you must paste your URL.
From there, hit confirm twice, and now lets head onto the ROBLOX Lua parts.

First, you need to make a game, and put a obby.
Make it simple, and easy for any human to pass.

Now, follow these steps:
1. At the end of the obby, create a part.
2. Inside that part, create a ClickDetector.
3. Inside that ClickDetector, create a script.
4. Inside that script, put the contents of: Part for Military Obby Script. -
5. Inside StarterGUI, create a Screen GUI. Don’t rename it.
6. Inside that screen GUI, insert a frame. Don’t rename it.
7. Create a textbutton inside the frame. Name it whatever you want.
8. Make the frame invisible.
9. Create a localscript inside the text button.
10. Inside that localscript, paste the contents of: Localscript For military -
11. Create a Remote Event in Replicated Storage.
12. Rename the Remote Event to ‘Rank’
13. Create a script in Server Script Service.
14. Inside that script, paste the contents of: server script For military -
15. In the new script we just made, in ReplURL, paste your Url. (Must have a / at the end. Example:
16. For RankID, put the rank ID of the rank you want players to be ranked to when passing.
17. For key, put the key you put in your .env on the Project.
18. Publish the game, turn on HTTP requests in settings, and BOOM!

You did it!

A github repo will soon be made with all the scripts inside, stay tuned for that.


Leave any questions you have here in the replys, and I’ll try my best to help everyone that needs it!


Epic! But what if people can’t do obby O_O


That’s the point. The military is supposed to be hard. It’s a cool detail.


It’s meant to be easy, so bots can’t pass it, but somewhat hard, incase you need tough recruits or something.


I recommnd using something like instead of as it’s abusing the service by using uptime robot, is also wasting resources if the group stops gaining members. is removing free tier, and free tier is hardly available to buy anyway. Lots of projects/open source setup guides use pinging, including the popular qbot.

Dude, this is really overcomplicated, you could just use a proxy to access the roblox groups API.


Why does it show that i have a 404 error in the UpTimeRobot?

Did you type the correct url and remove the preexisting https:// in the ‘url’ line?

Oh no I didn’t do that I will do that right now, thanks

Yes, I tried it still the same thing, keeps saying DOWN

EDIT: (I got it working)

Uptime Robot isn’t always the most accurate things.

you can edit the script a a button, or something like a captcha. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think captchas inside of games are a thing.

I mean like a button with it would take you to a frame and it says something like “Pick the cow” and it has a few images.
math.random would come in handy here.

so basically a custom made funcaptcha :slight_smile:

You can do that if you want, but the obby is much simpler in my opinion

Just a side note, Repl updated the way they handle .env files, you might want to update this tutorial.

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Yes, they did I just saw and my bot stopped working, it only says bot logged online now, I tried doing a console.log function at the beginning of the ranking area but still didn’t work.