How To Make ADS For My Viewmodel Gun System

Hello there right now im trying to make a weapon system. Im using a Viewmodel for the gun. I have a idle animation and am trying to make a aimdown sights. How can i accomplish aim down sights? i have tried using animations but thats really inefficent.

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I have found a pastebin for making a framework Framework V1 - there is a code in it that show how to make aiming

Will it work with animations? like if i change the CFrame will that make the animation wonky?

i mean animation is not really a good practice when making aiming here is a video tutorial which show how to make a gun also in it u will found on how the aim CFrame work How to Make a Roblox FPS Framework [read desc] - YouTube it is push at 6:26 where it show how to make aiming works with CFrame

How would i add the arms in? Like if i stoped the idle animation and moved the gun the arms would just stay in the same place right?

i belive when u play the idle animation the arm will be in a certain position but if u stop the idle animation then the arm will stay in its original position but will be different from the certain position

Would it work if i changed the CFrame of the entire gun?