How to make an ADS system without viewmodels?

The name of the title says it all, I have been wondering as to how I could make an ADS system for guns without using viewmodels as that is not what I want to do, and if possible without the use of animations either.

I’ve searched but what I’ve found just accounts for viewmodel systems and I can’t think of how to adjust them for normal characters.

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If you don’t want viewmodels, does that mean you don’t want players to see the gun they’re holding???

Nono, they’ll be able to see the gun they’re holding by just doing some transparency changes to the limbs whenever they go in first person via a separate script

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Hmm in that case I don’t understand what the issue is. What do you need help with?

Well my issue is I can’t really think of a way to make it so that it’ll work universally across every single weapon I make, with viewmodels you can just easily change their position, but for the character you can’t, animations aren’t perfect and changing the tool grip seems a bit wonky