How to make an AlignPosition have a constant speed and not speed up when the target is farther away?

I’m tryna get this guy to follow your character but when you’re far away from it it speeds up and goes slower when you’re near it. I want it to always move at a constant speed and not have this effect.

If you didn’t know, AlignPosition is basically the new body position.

I think I recall the body position had a property called “p” or “d” or something that controlled speed gain with distance, but I don’t think the alignposition has a property like that?

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If you are using AlignPosition… see this about how to change the responsiveness:

Force magnitude

The force used to constrain an AlignPosition can either be configured or set to the maximum that constraints allow. Whether the force is configurable is determined by the AlignPosition.RigidityEnabled property.

When RigidityEnabled is true, the physics solver reacts as quickly as possible to complete the alignment. This is the same scale of force used to connect other constraints, such as hinges when their attachments are separated.

When RigidityEnabled is false, then the force will be determined by the AlignPosition.MaxForce , AlignPosition.MaxVelocity , and AlignPosition.Responsiveness . MaxForce and MaxVelocity are caps to the force and velocities respectively. The actual scale of the force is determined by the Responsiveness. The mechanism for responsiveness is a little complicated, but put simply the higher the responsiveness, the quicker the constraint will try to reach its goal.

That being said, if you want a constant force then LineForce is defaulted this way, maybe try that out also.


LOL I just realized it’s really an align position and i named it “movement force” for some reason. Thanks for the info, I’ll try out lineforce / see if I can get the result I want by messing around with those properties.

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Sure, just keep in mind you need two attachments, one on each part, and then it will move the part with the lineforce to the other part… at the force you specify, but on a constant level.

Bruh! Just set the MaxVelocity property to the max velocity you want. That simple!!