How to make an "E" to interact door or NPC

I am having trouble making an “E” to interact item, door, and NPC. Is there a way to achieve this?

(I do not have a script)

The core way I’d go about this, which is not necessarily the most efficient way, I’m not sure, would be to:

  • Put your interactive entities in a folder, make sure to set a PrimaryPart
  • Create a .magnitude check with your preferred distance for interaction
  • Use ContextActionService or UserInputService to allow for a function to be fired when ‘E’ is pressed

I don’t think anyone will provide a script for you for free. However if you are unable to make this yourself, you can always use #collaboration:recruitment to hire someone.

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There is a bunch of posts on this problem, find the posts by clicking here. Always use the search bar before making posts since other people most likely have already asked your question.