How to make an intermission script with required players for a round to start?

Okay so, basically I want an intermission timer that will count down if there are enough players to play and if there are less that the required amount then it will not count down

You can use :GetPlayers such as ( if #players:GetPlayers() > 2 then… )

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Thanks! This worked. ill just wait to see what the other dude is writing (Cause he may have a simple script)

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You could have a playeradded event in a server script and if that amount of players is equal to the amount of players you need to start a round when a player joins then you can start a round, and possibly use :FireAllClients() linked up to an .OnClientEvent. This could be a GUI counter on the client to actually countdown the round.


local requiredplayers = 5
local intermission = false

	if #game.Players:GetChildren() == requiredplayers then
		intermission = true
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Thanks! This helps a lot too. :slight_smile: