How to make an SCP spawner?

Title says it all.

I’d also be willing to use a model if there’s one available.

I am genuinely confused on what you’d like to achieve. Clear it out, like do you want the spawner to spawn whatever those things are called every 30 seconds or what?

Every 30 seconds, yeah. Sounds about right

You could make a bunch of parts on where you want to spawn the scp and then put the scp in replicated storage and then make a server script where you basically do this:

local spawns = game.Workspace.Spawns:GetChildren()

while wait(30) do
local scp = game.ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild(“Scp”):Clone()
local chosenspawn = spawns[math.random(1, #spawns)]:Clone()
scp.Position = chosenspawn.Position +, 5, 0)

I’ll give it a go now, thanks.

scp would be probably a model and a model doesn’t have a position, you can just do

scp.HumanoidRootPart.Position = chosenspawn.Position +,5,0)

or you can just set a PrimaryPart

do you need to spawn just model or model with humanoid?